Anxiety & Fear: The Astrological Context

Situation like going currently, creates lot of anxiety and fear and that is the evolved way of natural response of human body /mind.There are two ways of seeing it 

  1. The western psychological way 
  2. Astrological/spiritual way of Hinduism (in fact all religions that originated in Bharat) 

In this blog we are going to discuss the astrological/ spiritual context of anxiety and fear.

Its s no strange coincidence maximum work of human mind was done in old Bharat —by sages (the best of societies brain, who spent life times and they were brilliant). They lived exemplary simple lives, kept arm’s length from ruling class, used to send the youngest shisyas(pupils) to seek alms from ordinary citizens (with clear instructions never to seek it from king’s palace) thus, making a bold statement -“intelligence and rulership” has to be kept separate. 

This protocol made two things possible:

  • By seeking alms from ordinary citizens, they knew social/economic conditions of society as feedback.
  • By not taking King’s gift (which always is easiest way to get alms/privileges) they isolated themselves and their students from need to be obliged to kings.

And today we understand well-meaning of this. And they talked of anxiety and fear. This could be part of separate note, but what is important in astrology, they talked of possibilities and workable solutions.

Three important planets that contribute to it and their combinations.

  1. Rahu —head part of a demon –whose trunk and rest are Ketu. Amazing part is Rahu/ketu is not a planet in physical terms but very well respected in Indian astrology —-Rahus modus operands of action is generating fear to extent it can break any human will.
  2. Saturn —slow moving planet —-builds tempo slowly —shuts one after other escape route one by one in slow movement —-dances very well to human’s smartness by destroying slowly the ego.
  3. Moon —the mood swings –hammering like a soft chisel of gold smith And combination it with any of above —is deadly tango. 

But I have always considered both Rahu and Shani (Saturn brilliant teachers) they teach so slowly, thoroughly that student who have thought probably death is escape from them—get disappointed in that too. 

And last year, when we were trying to figure out what explains the situation astrologically, we found both India’s chart and BJP’s chart (currently is heavily influenced by these planets currently). Since its not a note on astrology but a note on anxiety and fear —so broadly speaking the planets of Rahu /shani and moon as oscillating curve on esc chart is contributing to so much anxiety and fear.

The best policy in such situation accept that God /Devi owns the universe. The false messiahs try to exploit their name for personal greed. God/Devi does not survive because of Individuals or political parties. Any one using them is in heresy mode and any support to such groups is in gross violation of majesty of God —hence cannot be acceptable. 

Be God’s men/women –help anyone you can. God does not have a policing force or army —turn yourself as his foot solider (in serving God’s creation) and you automatically become part of God/Devi and it becomes their job to protect you —that is sum and summary of what’s called Karma/Raj /Gyan yog /Bhakti yog

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